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At Apptology we make simple 2D and VR games to engage your audience with entertainment. Our team of Graphic Designers, Strategists and Animators who initially make the game synthesis which will be shown to your users. Once done, our server side developers look at enhancing the gameplay with coding interactive to algorithms to be implemented in the game.

It takes us hours to build smart interactions and testing to render the best gaming experience to your users. We have references to show our work on iOS Game Apps and Android Game Apps. Feel free to schedule a discussion with our experts to get a quote on our services.

AED 10,000


  • Basic wireframe: splash, home, game play, game over
  • Android and iOS version
  • Landscape view
  • Continuous running genre
  • Single theme. Single level
  • Single character
  • Coins
  • Static single obstacle
  • Tap on jump
  • Background parallax, side scrolling
  • Sound, music
  • Effects
  • Vector cartoon based graphics


  • Leaderboard
  • Social share
  • Social login
  • Ads
  • In app purchase
  • Otp integration
  • Power ups
  • Multiple levels
  • Modes
  • Multiplayer
  • Level design for various platforms
  • Realistic and semi realistic graphics
  • Analytics
  • Achievements
  • Multiple characters
  • Artificial intelligence on obstacles or enemies
  • Characteristics of enemies
  • Variation on enemies

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  • Our objective of creating games is to entertain the audience by surprising them with new experiences. Designes!

Acade Games

We develop customized acade mobile games which makes your user addicted

Educational Games

INGIC develops educational games which enhance the Knowledge along with entertainment.

Isometric Games

INGIC develops isometric games with high graphics and unique ideas.

3D Games

We develop 3D Games with distinctive features, high graphics and unique Characters.


We are passionate about game development and hence every game is designed considering latest game directions, designe and marketing strategies !

Concept Design and Planning

Broadly termed as Game Design. Our team of Game Producers, designers and developers have a brainstorming session on your vision and game mechanics. And structure it in a Game Design Document.


Elements from Game Design Document are further penned down into illustrations showing transitions between various scenes, features and game mechanics. Broadly termed as Detailed Graphical Presentation of entire game.

Characters, environment, obstacles and Level Design:

We build 2D characters, 3D models, environmental assets, weapons, enemies, mode of transport(tank,jeep,skateboard, hover board,spaceship etc.) and more.


We create cartoon style, realistic and semi realistic animations in 2D as well as 3D considering feel & mood of the game genre.


Our team makes sure that we create amazing User Experience for gamers as well as non-gamers.

Game Programming:

We use cutting edge cross platform development tools for game development. We ensure that game architecture to be highly optimized, dynamic for limitless expansion of game features and generate high performance on any device

Level Design:

Games are highly addictive and engaging when they have strong level design. Start easy for beginners, keep them motivated & engaged, allure them to come back again, and slowly challenge masters to prove themselves.


In app purchase, banner & full screen ads, rewarding videos, offer walls, sale of merchandise and many more. We assist multiple monetization tools for revenue generation.

Multi-platform & multi-screen resolutions:

Android, iOS, Web, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Tizen, PS Vita, Mac, Windows PC, Android TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Apple watch and Android watch. We believe in limitless expansion of our games

Quality Assurance:

Performance, runtime memory utilization, optimized on GPU & CPU, optimized size, dynamic code architecture are some of the key elements our games are thoroughly tested before delivering to client


Player’s movements, gestures, likes, dislikes, interests, activities he performs, complexities he faces, how keen he is to share his score with friends etc. are analyzed for further implementation of various features

Leaderboard and Social Share

Game is more fun when we challenge our friends over social media and leaderboards. Game center, google play, facebook, twitter, G+ and more.

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