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The world of social media never sleeps. Nowadays, the consumer's experience doesn't end at delivering the product. It ends after the consumer has posted a review or engaged with your brand in this digital ecosystem. You must be always ready to respond to your consumers whenever, wherever and deliver happy experiences.

Our Spiced Up Recipe For Outstanding Social Media Presence

Just like a perfect cup of coffee needs premium and exact ingredients, social media needs these

1 The Feels

Some Sugary, Smooth Content

It doesn't matter what your share, it matter how you share. The package must be really attractive, storytelling is the key. #AwesomeSauce

2 Our Special Ingredients

The Engaging Aroma

A good coffee shop is always bustling if the coffee smells good. Here, to enhance the aroma of your online presence, conversing with audience is really important. Don't make them feel lonely out there.

3 The Method

Make That Espresso Strong

Before anything else, it is very important to understand the online foundation of your brand and what people are saying about it.

4 The Base

Latte Is Foamy, Americano Is Strong

The right method and strategy are only two ways your social media presence can boost. Being everywhere doesn't mean you'll get somewhere. Understand where you brands need to be and give consumes what they expect.

Our Results

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Southern Travels is one of the leading Travel Agency & Tour Operators in India offering fixed tours, special holiday packages and International tours. Sirez had to develop a comprehensive travel portal that would sell the diversified tours and packages of Southern Travels while also facilitating the agents of Southern Travels to book tour packages for their customers and clients.


Wills Lifestyle is the official sponsor of Asia’s grandest fashion event; Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. We being the online agency of the Brand, were asked to create a buzz which resonates to a wider periphery and creates massive interaction on Digital Space, for this mega event.

Support and Pricing Models

Prices below are on per instance per tenure basis

Silver Gold Platinum
Deliverables AED 5,000 AED 12,000 AED 20,000
Social Media Mgmt. (Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram , Snapchat, Google Plus & SlideShare) Facebook & Twitter Any 3 Any 4
Responding to Queries & Complaints
Posts / Month 20 30 40
Seeding ( Additional Posts) 5 10 15
Creatives (Still Images) - 15 20
Supporting Gifs - 2 5
Host Contest / Campaigns - 1 1
Contest Gifts -
Average Committed Cummulative Growth of Fans 500 1000 1500
Social Media Monthly Report
Assistance Email & Phone Support Email & Phone Support Dedicated Account Manager
Minimum Plan Commitment 1 Months 3 Months 6 Months